The EQUAL Community Initiative is part of the European Union's strategy for more and better jobs and their wide accessibility. EQUAL is financed from the resources of the European Social Fund and the budgets of the states participating in its implementation. The main objective of the EQUAL initiative is testing and supporting new ways of combating all forms of discrimination and inequality in the labour market, resulting e.g. from gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion, views, disability, age or sexual orientation, both towards persons in employment and those seeking work. The EQUAL initiative in Poland, complementing the National Development Plan, is pursued by Development Partnerships, selected by means of a contest. EQUAL provides examples of good practice and innovative solutions, which thanks to international cooperation and effective popularizing actions can be implemented in many EU states. The most important elements of the EQUAL Programme include: thematic approach, partnership, involvement of the discriminated groups in the actions of the partnerships (empowerment), transnational cooperation, innovativeness and mainstreaming. The effectiveness of the EQUAL Programme is not measured by the number of supported beneficiaries, but the quality of the developed innovative models (results) which will be commonly implemented in labour markets.

The process of implementation is characterized by:
1. Thematic approach
2. Development Partnerships - DPs
3. Empowerment (involvement)
4. Transnational co-operation
5. Innovation
6. Mainstreaming

For more information visit: www.equal.org.pl