The libary contains materials concerning the issues adressed by the project. Reports about the European reasearches, especially on education, ICT, and the use of the Internet, are availible here. The library also contains the information conerning the EU policies in this matter, as well as some other compilations of texts describing the development of IT competence and life-long learning. The materials included can be a wisdom supply, or constitute an inspiration for designing solutions concerning the issues encapsulated in the project. For the further use or processing of all the materials included, a written permission of the project Manager is required. 


Belgium - e-learning... - An example of questionaire scrutinizing the background and experience with e-learning use


Designing Tomorrow's... - Report of EU comission, summarizing the implementation of the e-Learning program; it also contains some basic information on e-Learning


E-learning - international... -An example of questionaire presenting the way of utilizing e-Learning as a part of educational strategy.


ICT learning and training - Data from the research on the utilization of ICT technology and courses with the use of new technologies in Swedish companies.


The challenge of e-learning... - A report by CEDEFOR organisation presenting the possibilities of the practical use of e-Learning in SMEs


Statistics in focus - A Eurostat report concerning the use of ICT technologies in companies and households in Europe.


Raport Equal analiza... (Polish) - A Document presenting the results of an analisys of other countries' experiences with  employee ICT deficit problem solving in SMEs.


Raport internet i komputery... (Polish) - A report prepared by the Main Statistics Office, concerning the use of ICT technology in companies and households in 2004.


Raport roczny (Polish) - Evaluation of Operational Program "Program of the EQUAL Comminity Initiative for Poland 2004-2006"


Biala Księga PFSL 2005  (Polish) - A presentation of the status of implementation of the Lisbon Strategy at the end of the year 2005; it also contains recommendations concerning the priority actions which need to be undertaken in order to fulfill the resolutions of the Strategy.


Wykorzystanie technologii... (Polish) - A report prepared by the Main Statistics Office, concerning the use of ICT technology in companies and households in 2005.