Aim of the Project – the increase of competitiveness of Small and Micro Enterprise sector in Poland due to the utilization of ICT tools – will be achieved by designing innovative training schemes, guides, and tools helping SMEs companies implement and utilize ICT solutions. The products will be created in collaboration with SMEs workers and owners participating in the project.

Enterpreneurs and workers participating in the project will:   

- improve the management system of their companies by cooperating with consultants from an international consulting company, university and research institute staff, labour market experts and proffessional trainers;

- help create, test, adapt, and implement innovative training schemes, designed in accordance with SMEs needs;

- help create and utilize IT tools which will improve management in enterprises - e.g. a simulator of finance management;

- have access to an online ICT skills and abilities autodiagnosis tool  - "ITQ";

- be supplied with reference books and publications about training possibilities - especially e-learning, allowing them to choose the best possible training schemes;

- be supplied with theorethical case studies and practical tools motivating workers to increase their ICT competences, and improving knowledge management in their companies;

- improve the quality of management in their companies by taking part in a study of competence needs of employees working in SMEs which are implementing ICT solutions;

- participate in diagnoses and consulting schemes concerning the implementation of ICT solutions;

- be constantly supported in their actions - informing and coaching system;

- be able to participate in study visits to our Partners in European Union;

- have access to research results, reports, and analyses concerning ICT sector in Poland in the context of  technological development of Polish SMEs;