Study visits

In order to apply for admission to study visits, one must be a participant of "ITQual" project, hence employees and owners of SMEs companies from Malopolskie, Mazowieckie, Slaskie, Dolnoslaskie, and L:odzki Voivodeships are welcome. In the recruitment process we will be striving to achieve an equal distribution of men and women.

"Partnership for the development of ICT competences in Poland - ITQual" cooperates with foreign partners in the field of two partnerships:

·          "COMPeTERE - A study on the e-learning and ICT needs of SMEs and micro-firms" (Hiszpania, Belgia, Finlandia, Wielka Brytania) oraz

·         "PAEE - Partnership in Action for Equality in Europe” (Hiszpania, Portugalia).


Upcoming study visits:

  1. 16-19.01.2007 – "E-Learning Content Development Study Visit", Nowy Sącz (Polska) –  COMPeTERE Partnership meeting
  2. 28.02-03.03.2007 –  Murcia (Hiszpania) –  COMPeTERE Partnership study visit.

Companies interested in the participation, please contact: